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8 Great Tips To

  Look for When Choosing

 for Yourself or for a

New Driver You Care About


  1) Pick Driving Instructors Known For a High Success Rate 

 The quality of instruction and driver lessons is directly related to the chance of drivers test success and confidence on the road.

Does the school you are considering have a track record they will make known and are proud of?

 2)  The School You Choose Should be Fully Insured and Licensed.

The last thing you want is an accident or problem of any kind only to find out later that the individual or company does not have proper and adequate insurance. Also, getting a Missouri license can be much easier when you walk in with the confidence that comes from great training.

3) Driver Training That Works Really Well Comes from the Best Experienced Sources. 

Why? The simple fact is that most accidents are preventable and that the largest factor is driver error.

Not being properly and thoroughly trained can be expensive in terms of future accidents and  higher insurance costs.  More importantly, any gap in defensive driving skill costs lives. 

The habits formed while getting a hand's-on driver's education often carry forward for years.

If your training, or the that of one one your children lacks in any area it's likely to show up down the road- sometimes months or years later.
All it takes is one accident to fully experience this as many drivers have. This is worth preventing.

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  Be wise, and get great defensive driver skills from the beginning. 

4) What Have Other Student Drivers experienced?

If they have a high success rate, that is a very positive sign that you will minimize your chances of taking the driving test multiple times.

Remember- the quality of driving courses can vary widely, so your choice is an important one.


 5) Safety and Insurance Rates Are Influenced By This - 

When a new driver gets behind the wheel, there are years ahead with one goal- arriving at the destination
 confidently and safely.

Accident frequency increases for drivers who are not carefully trained. It all goes back to the quality of the lessons. The good news is an exceptional driving instructor can make the critical difference with these factors.

Soon it comes together like pieces in a simple puzzle. 

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6) Choose a Driver Training Program That Exceeds Minimum Standards.

There are times in life when settling for something less is no big deal. Your hands-on driving education is not one of them. It's effects can last a lifetime. That comes in the form of preventing accidents, expenses, and car repairs, even possibly your life or the life of a teenager or new driver.   

You can always opt for the least amount of training you can find. Just remember that the kind of driver education one gets strongly influences results on the road. This is one place where developing confidence with a highly trained pro at your side is a serious plus that endures.

 7) Avoid the Friends and Family Members Trap . . .

Friends and family member rarely come close to the experience and level of confidence one attains with someone who professionally trains drivers. It's also known as a major cause of strained relationships.

8) Final (and most unique) Tip

Consider this for a moment– 

Many new drivers later run into trouble- not just by accidents, but also traffic tickets, and the embarrassment and expenses that go with them. 

Let's face it. Police officers have seen the worst experiences when it comes to driver error. They have first-hand knowledge about the importance of safe driving.  When they are on your side from the beginning, accidents are less likely. 

Wouldn't it be great to be schooled by the very law officers who teach drivers to avoid those problems and expenses in the future?

No matter which driving school you end up choosing, those eight tips can serve as a useful guide toward a rewarding and successful experience for learning to drive safely and with confidence for many years to come.

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Learn driving with the best- and pass your test!

You may visit John Young's Excel Driving School LLC website to learn more.  

Then, call him at (636) 724-3260 with questions or to make an appointment.

You may also email at exceldrivingschool@sbcglobal.net

 Learn from Law Enforcement- with a St. Louis Driving School that has a success rate of 99.8% passing on the FIRST Try.

John Young, owner of Excel Driving School has over 25 years experience as a law enforcement instructor and certified accident investigator. 

John has been teaching teens and others to drive for over 17 years. He's used to helping others drive to success.

The instructors at Excel have an average of 22 years of law enforcement, traffic safety, and/or accident investigation experience- all of which contributes to a high success rate- and your confidence.

Fully Insured and Licensed, With References Available Upon Request. 

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First get the keys to safety and confidence.

Then get the keys to your car.


It's true. 75% of teen traffic fatalities result from driver error. Stack the odds in their favor.

Find out how to monitor the vehicle and driving habits of your teen and make a difference when it comes to driver safety